What Is Wrong With The Internet....


You Sad Little People....

Hello. No need for further intoduction. Here are some of the many things that annoy me in, and out, of roleplay:

1. The people who whine like little bitches... "No, you can't kill my character! It's not fair!" Check the rules, hun. 

2. When people become angry at you out of roleplay for something that happened in roleplay. Seriously, grow the fuck up. It's the equivalent to a game of Mario Kart, or whatever. Unless of course Mario Kart happens to be your reason for life, in which case we should destroy it, and therefore rid the world of your sorry existence... 

3. The mate or parent beggars.... "Can someone please be my mate? I'm ever so lonely." No shit. That's why most of us use the internet. As if we have lives. Or... "Can someone please be my mommy and take care of me?" Then there's the case of humans.... "She walked in looking like the most beautiful girl on the face of the fucking planet; any guy would be lucky to lay eyes on her. Also, she's great in bed, and basically a whore, so your character should so totally try and get in her pants." No, fuck the hell off. 

4. Grammar nazis, and grammar fails. Okay, at least the 'nazis' are grammatically correct, but they still piss me off. I kind of understand if you constantly correct the spelling of others, but seriously... "Oh, you forgot a question mark there!" Maybe I meant for the sentence only to be phrased as a question, but pronounced a statement, bitch. Choke on that. Then there are the fails... "She walk in 2 tha store n' sit down on chairs." What the serious fuck am I supposed to say to that? If you're that challenged, you shouldn't be roleplaying. Or alive.

5. The cliche characters. This is a big one. Maybe you're good at roleplay; you win battles, have good grammar, think you own the place, etc. But so many of you either steal ideas for characters from mangas; books; animes; and movies, or you take the entire character. If you can write a good post, one would think you'd be able to create an original character. Then there are the 'evil' characters. They're just evil; they kill others for fun, without any history as to why. "My character is just so fucking awesome, guys. He's the strongest thing alive; he has no friends; and best of all, no back story. His name also has something to do with the words: blood, evil, demon, devil, hate, kill or dark. Watch out for this one!" Ha, no.

6. Word choice. I may be alone on this, but hey, I don't value your opinions anyway. It's when people (try to) use sophisticated wording. Sometimes it isn't even correct. "What gender is your character?" "Oh, she's feminine." Guys can be feminine too, dipshit. Then we have the descriptive words... I mean, who would know what I meant if I used the word 'repine'  instead of 'complain'? Optics and oculars instead of eyes, cranium instead of head. Just say muzzle, not maw. Dear God, I do not need you showing off your limited bank of interesting vocabulary in every post. I understand the use of the word 'jugular' instead of 'neck', seeing as they are not directly the same thing. But please, use it correctly. And if you think for a second that I hate this because I don't understand these words, you are wrong. My vocabulary is not small by any means, but sometimes simpler is better. 

7. Fangirling within roleplay. I understand if you're obsessed with something, but do all of your characters have to be as well? I've only seen this done once, but obviously, it pissed me off enough to make the list. This girl had several characters who were in a band, and these characters happened to be die-hard fans of Black Veil Brides. Alright, they're an okay band. I get that one could have an obsession over them. Their fans seem fairly loyal. But her characters were so overly excited when they got to meet the actual band, more specifically, Andy Biersack, and you could tell it was a fantasy she herself had dreamed of often. The worst part, though, was that in the post, she said the characters were slightly better musical artists than BVB. Okay, maybe if they were Nonpoint or Avenged Sevenfold. Lets not turn this into a "list of music that's good, and music that's bad." Anyway, first of all, no fucking way. Second, way to insult your favorite band. 

8. Those who feel the need to make every post huge. Okay, even I make large entrance posts, so that I can set the scene for the character and roleplay. So many people make every post gigantic though. It's wasting time, and worst of all, I have to read a paragraph that often enough is a bunch of emotional and nonsensical bullshit that no one cares about. I really do not need to the know the 'intricate' way your character stands up or breathes or whatever. It makes me feel obligated to come up with some ridiculous explanation that I should take hours to type as well. 

9. When people make it increasingly obvious that they think their character is better than yours. This has legitimately happened to me; it's something I saved: "It was clear that Eclipse outmatched Ashahteh, in both strength and size, and his skill was greater than that of many cats.  He was nearly impossible to defeat with average battle moves." Granted, I fixed most of the grammatical errors, so some parts were inferred, but what the fuck? You know nothing of my character's strengths. 

10. When people ask me to make my character do something specific. So many people have asked me to have my character fall in love with theirs. Usually, it's a no. I mean, half the time the character that I am roleplaying would never dedicate him or herself to a relationship. "Please" is not going to change my answer. Some people even try to 'threaten' me by saying they'll leave the roleplay. Be my guest, dear. Rot in Hell while you're at it. 

11. I dislike when people ask me to choose their character for them. It honestly doesn't matter, just pick. It's much worse when people ask if they can choose my character. I can do it myself, thanks.

12. When people decide it's a fantastic idea to spam the entire box with links to their miserable attempts at websites, and beg you to join.

13. When people join your roleplay without even asking, and completely fuck things up. I'm left in utter confusion most of the time.

Well, this has been a very angry rage, from a very angry person. 

Disagree with me or hate me? I'd like to think you'd have the balls to say so, so tell me: Say it to my face, you shits.

If you have anything that you yourself hate in roleplay, click the above link and tell me. I may not care what you say, but others might.

~Ashahteh, a bitter member of Kugyay's Outskirts.